Lead Beagle: Lead Generation Tools for Google Sheets

Lead Beagle: Lead Generation Tools for Google Sheets

LinkedIn is the most used social media platform by Fortune 500 companies, 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. Whether you do growthhacking at a startup or do LinkedIn prospecting with an agency, there are never enough leads.

Supercharge your lead generation with the Lead Beagle add-on for Google Sheets - generate more sales leads with our bulk search tools straight from your spreadsheet.

Lead Beagle - Lead Generation Tools for Google Sheets

Find LinkedIn profiles by keywords, company or name, enrich profile data, look up emails and company domains. It's absolutely anonymous and you don't even need a LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn lead generator: find profiles by company name and keywords

If you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator and you are fine with indirect profile URLs it gives you in search results - you don't need our help.

However, if you do want to get direct LinkedIn profile links, you'll need a tool like Lead Beagle's Linkedin search by company or Linkedin search by keywords.

X-ray search LinkedIn for relevant decision making profiles
LinkedIn profile search by company (Amazon) and job title (vendor manager or purchasing manager). Refinement keywords are used to narrow the search

Find LinkedIn profile links by name

What if you already have a list of people you want to connect with on LinkedIn?

Both manual outreach and LinkedIn automation tools will require LinkedIn profile URLs.

With Lead Beagle's LinkedIn search by name tool, you can easily find anyone's LinkedIn profile, company and job title.

Searching LinkedIn profiles by name in bulk
Searching LinkedIn profiles by name in bulk

Update company and job title information of your CRM contacts, leads, newsletter subscribers

It is not unusual to have contacts and mailing lists incomplete or outdated. Comprehensive data enrichment services are too expensive and their databases may be out of date. With Lead Beagle, you can enrich your data with real-time company and job title information straight from people's LinkedIn profiles.

Beyond LinkedIn: Email Finder, Profile Enrichment, Company URL Lookup

Enjoy all the basic lead gen tools for your everyday tasks:

  • Find work emails with Email Finder.
  • Use Profile Enrichment to extend or validate LinkedIn leads with external data sources.
  • Look up corporate domains with Company URL Lookup tool.
Profile Enrichment tool at work. Lead gen tools highlighted on the sidebar
Profile Enrichment tool at work. Lead gen tools highlighted on the sidebar

No third-party accounts or keys are needed, all the tools are readily available in the Lead Beagle add-on.

Why Lead Beagle

✔︎ Risk-free and anonymous

Search for hundreds of records on LinkedIn with one click and at no risk of getting your account blocked. You don't even need a LinkedIn account, so the tools are anonymous by design.

✔︎ Real-time, bulk search

All the data is collected in real time, so it's as relevant and accurate as it is on a person's LinkedIn profile page.

✔︎ No technical skills needed

The tools can be used by anyone straight out of their Google Sheets. We won't ask you to connect any API, share your spreadsheets, or upload CSV files.

What our users say

Lead Beagle has deserved a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4.8) rating in the Google Workspace aka G Suite Marketplace - validated by tens of positive reviews from our users. Here are just few examples:

I've been trying out several of the Google Sheet plugins to build up our lists. This Beagle is the only one that's truly paying off. We've run it to get domain names, but even moreso to drill down from company names to people in specific positions. Then once we have that to run another search for the Dog to hunt down their emails. Just did an email blast and 82% of the emails got delivered. That's better than acquiring an email list any day.

A great tool when you need new leads sourced in a pinch. It is a reliable alternative to some of the more popular tools that perform similar functions.

This is just awesome, find emails in spit seconds, I recommend to everyone who want verified emails, it does everything. Fully automated!

Great app. Is definitely a life saver!

The greatest LinkedIn lead generator I have used so far!!!

What a great find - love this tool - saved me hours and hours.

Fastest result ever! Concise and accurate, glad to have this extension for LinkedIn leads. More contacts to go!

Great app. Has been helpful in a broad search on LinkedIn.

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