How to search people on LinkedIn with Google Sheets

How to search people on LinkedIn with Google Sheets

If you have ever tried to update the company and job title information of your contacts, you should know that is not an easy task.

LinkedIn's internal search is of great help when you are looking for one particular person or a company. But it's totally helpless when it comes to bulk search.

If you are doing lead generation, you might have faced another issue - when you download leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, there are no direct links to people's profiles. If you need those, you'll have to follow those Sales Navigator's links one by one. This is certainly not the best use of your time.

Lead Beagle solves these problems by letting you search people on LinkedIn by name, in bulk, straight from your Google Sheets spreadsheet. And it's absolutely anonymous.

LinkedIn profile search by name in action:

LinkedIn profile search by name

To find people by name, you'll only need a list of names. You'd need last names at least. If you don't have your list split into first name and last name, just put full names into the Last name column. Adding company and title information, even if outdated, will likely improve accuracy of the results.

Fruitful searching!

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