Meet Lead Beagle v2.0

Meet Lead Beagle v2.0

I understand this may not be the best time to speak business. But life goes on and if you’re doing LinkedIn prospecting/search these days, you’ll find the update quite useful, I believe. Below is the summary of what has changed in the new version.

⚡️ Keyword search (aka “boolean search”) introduced

And it’s super-useful and cost effective. For example, you can search for “learning manager boston area” and get up to 100 search results for only 10 quota points.

Boolean search with Google Sheets
Boolean search with Google Sheets

Some tricks:

  • SDRs: try adding industry and location to the search string to narrow the focus.
  • Recruiters: try adding “available” or “open to opportunities” to the search string.
  • Job seekers: try adding “hiring” to the search string.

The add-on now includes three separate tools: Keyword Search, Search by Company, Search by Name. You can freely use all of them within your current quota. Let me know if you want to test the new version but don't have any quota left. Here you can find more information on how to get the most of all Lead Beagle's tools.

⚡️ Bugs and annoying errors cleaned out

Many thanks to you and all the emails and screenshots which helped so much to improve stability of the add-on. Remember that you earn 50 quota points per every bug reported via our support form.

⚡️ Premium support

Now, if you purchase the 5K plan, you’re not only saving 50% but also start getting personal support from myself. UPD: later it was renamed to "Priority support" - which currently starts from the 1K plan.

Stay strong.

👋 Contact me at on any matters.

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