New tools: Email Finder, Domain Lookup, Profile Enrichment

New tools: Email Finder, Domain Lookup, Profile Enrichment

TLDR: we have added new search tools and reduced prices.

Three more tools are now live, turning Lead Beagle from a great LinkedIn search tool into the only all-in-one lead generation toolkit in G Suite Marketplace:

🔥 Profile enrichment - return extended data for the list of LinkedIn URLs: industry, geo, company LinkedIn, website and size, in addition to standard fields.

🔥 Email finder - find emails by name.

🔥 Company domain lookup - turn the list of company names into the list of web domains.

The price for the most popular plan, 1000 matches/month, was cut by 25% to $60. We have also introduced an additional plan of 500 matches/month, priced at $40.

Search tools enhancements since our last version update back in March:

⭐️ Refinement keywords were added as an input, so you can narrow search queries. You can also use boolean operators: OR, “-” for exclusion, and quotation for exact match.

⭐️ Multi-line output in the Search by Company tool. Enable the checkmark and receive up to 10 output lines per each line searched. So, if you have, say, 100 input rows, you’ll get up to 1000 output rows.

Note that your quota resets monthly, even if you are a free-tier user. So if you used up your credits more than a month ago, you should now have 50 credits awaiting your searches.

More information on how to get the most out of all these tools can be found on our how-to page.

As always, I am happy to hear your feedback.

Stay safe, search from home.

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