Email Beagle: Find, Validate & Score Emails in Google Sheets

Email Beagle: Find, Validate & Score Emails in Google Sheets

Easily find work emails by person's name and company URL without leaving your lead list in Google Sheets. Validate and score emails on the fly.

⭐️ Find emails by name and company URL
⭐️ Validate and score emails
⭐️ Find company URLs

Why Email Beagle

There are so many tools to look up and verify emails on the market - what makes Email Beagle different?
🔥 Work straight from your Google Sheet
🔥 Unbeatable success rate due to aggregation of several data sources
🔥 Free to start, simple pay-as-you-go pricing for bigger volumes

Easily find, score and validate emails in Google Sheets

How to use the add-on

  1. Install the add-on from the Google Workplace Marketplace.
  2. Run it from Google Sheet's menu by clicking on "Start / Show sidebar".
  3. On the sidebar, click on "Email Finder & Checker".
  4. Enter names and domains in the input columns. If you don't know company domains, you can find those in the first place with the Company URL Search tool.
  5. Enable the checkmark to validate emails on the go.
  6. Click the "Search" button in the sidebar.
  7. Relax and let Email Beagle do its job.

How to read validation statuses

Email Beagle returns the following statuses if the validation checkmark is enabled for your search task:
Valid: the email is valid, which means very high chance of successful delivery.
Invalid: the email is certainly not valid.
Catch-all: it's impossible to confirm the email address exists since the server accepts everything coming in. It does not respond with an error if a particular recipient's address does not exist. An email sent to such an address may still reach an intended recipient, but the probability of it is lower than it is for a valid email. A catch-all address can be additionally verified by a response to your email, by a click on a link inside your email, or by a tool or an embedded script that makes it possible to track email opens.
Risky: disposable/temporary emails, webmail (, and alike), gibberish (kind of, blacklisted emails - all of them fall into this category. The emails that fail to pass certain server checks are marked risky too. Such addresses are generally worthless, consider excluding them from your mailing list.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I use the add-on with my G Suite account?

Yes but you may need to ask your G Suite admin to do it for you - using third-party applications may be restricted by the settings of your buisness account.

Why some emails take more time to find or validate than others?

Our search algorithms prioritise accuracy over speed and several data sources arev used for best performance. If an email address is not found in one source, we look it up in the next one and so on - which results in some emails taking more time to find and validate.

Is it safe to use this add-on?

Absolutely. The app fully complies with Google policies and it has been officially verified by Google before being accepted to the Google Workplace Marketplace.

Is the add-on free?

It's free start - you will get 50 free email look-ups on install, which should be enough to test the tools included in the package. If you need more, there are paid plans starting from $10 for 100 credits. Every email returned and every 5 email validations cost 1 credit.

How can I increase my quota?

  • Buy a license. If you did and it's still not enough, you'll have to either upgrade your existing plan or buy another license. Launch the add-on and click Get more quota in its menu or in the sidebar. Alternatively, you can purchase the license on our product page.
  • You can also increase your free quota. There two ways to do it: (a) write a valuable review here so we can make our add-on even better; (b) find a bug and report it here.

Can I share my quota between several accounts?

It is not technically possible to use the same license by different accounts at a time. But you can split the quota by cancelling your existing license and purchasing two new smaller licenses.

Can I have a refund?

If you purchased by mistake or just changed your mind, and you haven't used any paid quota, we'll do a refund. To request it, contact our support by email or via the feedback form. Please note that we can only refund your most recent payment.

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